Quote of the Week

"The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding."
-Leonardo da Vinci

Friday, October 6, 2017

Break and Art Clubs

Just a quick note to tell all my students and their families that I hope you have a wonderful break! 

Also, if you are in an art club, there will be no art clubs during the week of conferences, which is the week after break. I look forward to seeing all my art clubbers the following week!

Have a splendid break!!!

2nd Grade Picasso Rooster Project!

2nd grade learned how to use line to create shape and texture by creating a reproduction of Picasso's Rooster. Here is a sampling of their finished projects!

3rd Grade Still Life Project!

Each third grade class completed a different still life, and here are a few samples of their finished projects! They learned how to use value and color to create the illusion of three dimensional forms.

4th Grade Self Portrait Project!

Here is a sampling of our 4th graders finished projects. They learned how to use pyramid composition to draw the viewer's eye to the face of the sitter, and learned how to mix different colored pencils using the burnishing technique.

5th Grade: Rembrandt Elephant Study Projects!!

Here are a few of our finished projects! The 5th graders did a great job, and I'm excited to see their progress as we continue our studies in the Renaissance!

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Art Clubs!

Here's a peek at what our Art Clubs have been doing!

Our 3-5th grade club watched the animated short "Paperman." We talked about how color can be used to mark a significant object in a story. Here is a sampling of some of our students projects!

Our K-2nd grade club learned about mermaids and created some of these mythological creatures of their own!

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Monthly Update: Project Seedlings, Soon to Sprout!

Interested about what your students have been up to in art class? Scroll down for a quick update on what they're doing!

2nd Grade
2nd graders just finished their line worksheet and preparing for their Picasso Rooster Line Drawing by practicing using simple lines and shapes to build a more complex image. Next, they will begin their project, which they will finish by adding color and texture to, using pastels.

3rd Grade
 3rd Grade is learning about the different jobs of light in art, such as creating the illusion of form, directing the viewers gaze, and illuminating the focal point of an image. For their project, they will be completing a pastel still life, using value to create the illusion of three dimensional form. They have begun their drawings for the project and will soon add color!

4th Grade
 4th grade is learning about portraiture and self portraiture and their defining characteristics. We have also been learning how different compositional structures, such as pyramid composition, can be used to direct the viewers eye to the face of the sitter. Students will be creating a self portrait for their project and have already begun the line work!

5th Grade
5th grade is learning about study drawing and their many different uses, such as refining of skill, recording of knowledge, and solving of problems in anticipation of a finished work. Students will be creating a reproduction of Rembrandt's Elephant Study for their project and have already completed a pencil sketch in preparation for their finished work, which will be done in charcoal.