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"The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding."
-Leonardo da Vinci

Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Hello and Happy Wednesday!

Hello Lovely Students! I hope you enjoyed the long weekend! I just wanted to say hello and celebrate some of the beautiful artwork I've been seeing! Here is a sample of Alec Palafox's beautiful project. He used himalayan salt, dried bacon, oregano, blue frootloops, coffee, bee pollen and pink embroidery floss to color his image. What lovely work!

Keep up the good work my wonderful students!!!

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

A Lil Update: Plant Babies and Reading Ideas!

Hey everyone! Hope you're all doing well! I miss seeing all your smiling faces! As I mentioned in the video above, here is the link to Grimm's Fairy Tales online: http://www.gutenberg.org/ebooks/52521 
Please keep in mind this is not homework, just a fun suggestion if you have a spare bit of time to use creatively in the coming days!

Make sure you get permission from your parents if you decide to try my suggestion, and if you create an artwork based on it,  please email it to me at carce-lindsay@archwayarete.org so I can see your beautiful work! Who knows, I might even post some,  with your permission of course!😊

Happy reading! And drawing!
- Ms. Arce-Lindsay 

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Extended Break: Greeting and Update!

Hello Wonderful Archway Families!!!

I hope everyone is keeping healthy and safe and doing well! I miss seeing all of your beautiful faces but I am sure you are making excellent use of the lovely weather!

If anyone wants to write me a letter or send a picture of your adventures and your artworks you've made in your extended spring break, my email is carce-lindsay@archwayarete.org !

I am keeping busy and I'll keep popping in (mostly on Mondays) with updates on my blog, so feel free to drop in and see what's going on!

Grade level packets were sent out and I hope everyone is enjoying working through them! If anyone has any questions regarding them, please feel free to e mail me as well.

Stay safe and stay encouraged my wonderful students and families!!!

Keep creating,

Ms. Arce-Lindsay

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Welcome Back for the 2019-20 School Year!

Dear Archway Arete Families,

I am so excited to welcome you, whether you be new or returning, to Archway Arete as the academic year begins. I hope you have enjoyed your summer and are refreshed and ready for a new year of learning! My name is Ms. Arce-Lindsay, and I will be teaching art for 2nd-5th grade. This will be my sixth year working as a Visual Arts teacher for Great Hearts Academies. I received a degree in Studio Arts from Biola University, and graduated from the Torrey Honors Institute, a program which specializes in Socratic dialogue centered around classic works of literature, poetry, theology and philosophy. Additionally, I have been working with children in an academic setting for over seven years. These qualifications uniquely outfit me to teach your children about art and to help them see the goodness, truth and beauty in it as well! 
Fine art, especially the visual arts, is a great passion of mine. I am so excited to have the opportunity to share that passion with your students. This year, we will delve into great works of art as we learn how to view them in the light of their historical context. We will learn how to identify the various elements of art used in these works, and how to interact with them with wonder and reason. This year, I hope to see students continue to expand their visual vocabulary and curiosity, and flourish in their creativity.
If you have any questions, whether it be about curriculum, class, or even if you would like to know if there are ways you can help, please feel free to contact me. My email is listed below if you have any questions in particular, so please feel free to use it! I have great hopes for this class, and I am eager to work with you to make it a success for you and your students. Here’s to a fantastic year!

With sincerity,

Ms. Arce-Lindsay

Curious to know what your students are learning this year?

Then take a peek at the the Scope and Sequences underneath this post! Please keep in mind that these lists are subject to change as the year progresses. If you have any questions regarding the information provided, please don't hesitate to email me!

-Ms. Arce-Lindsay

2nd Grade Scope and Sequence 2019-20

2nd Grade Curriculum Map for Visual Arts
Quarter 1:
Ø  August 6th -October 5th

This quarter, students will be reintroduced to the art elements, with a focus on line and perspective. They will begin by studying how line can be used in artwork by observing simple line drawings and more complex works by Pablo Picasso. Students will also study Japanese prints, with an emphasis on the artist Hokusai, and observe/discuss how he uses size to create the illusion of distance in his work.

Projects to be completed this quarter are the Picasso Rooster reproduction and Hokusai’s Great Wave watercolor project.

Quarter Two:
Ø  October 15th-December 19th  

This quarter, students will focus on the art elements of form and texture, and will discuss the particular art form of landscape. Students will learn about the tradition of landscape painting and how it developed from highly realistic representation to the impressionistic expression of Van Gogh. We will talk about how texture in painting and drawing can also communicate the illusion of movement.

Project to be completed this quarter is Van Gogh Starry Night pastel project .

Quarter Three:
Ø  January 7th-March 8th

This quarter, students will go over the concept of abstract art and compare it to realism in art. They will learn how to differentiate between these two artistic styles by looking at examples of both realistic and abstract art by Durer and Picasso, who both often used animals as a subject for their artwork. Students will also talk about the advent and popularization of abstract art in history and look at works by Kandinsky and Paul Klee. Elements of art in focus will be color and composition.

Projects to be completed this quarter are Durer Hare project and Klee’s Cat and Bird chalk pastel reproduction.

Quarter Four:
Ø  March 19th -May 24th

The quarter, students will continue to study abstract art and will learn about how some artists marry the two traditions of representational art and abstract art to create semi abstract works; they will focus on works by Paul Klee, Wassily Kandinsky and Marc Chagall and practice using the art elements of color and perspective.

Projects to be completed this quarter are Marc Chagall pastel project and Paul Klee Old Man Portrait.

3rd Grade Scope and Sequence 2019-20

3rd Grade Curriculum Map for Visual Art
Quarter One:
Ø  August 6th-October 5th

This quarter students will be reintroduced to elements of art and will focus on art elements of light and space/perspective. Students will look at different ways light can work in a piece of art and will practice using value to create the illusion of light and form themselves. Students will also learn about the different compositional areas in an art work that help create the illusion of. Students will also learn about Byzantine mosaics and work to create their own sample of this practical and beautiful art.

Projects to be completed this quarter are Light Still Life project and Mosaic project.

Quarter Two:
Ø  October 15th-December 19th

This quarter, students will focus on the art elements of pattern and color and study how they are applied in textiles and fine works of art. They will observe the use of pattern in textiles and practice it themselves. They will look at classic American quilting patterns and discuss how they can be used to create a functional work of art that tells a story. They will also learn about the art element of form and how it can be real or implied. They will explore this element by looking at the art of Wayne Thiebaud.

Projects to be completed this quarter are the Quilt Pattern Project and Wayne Thiebaud Desserts.

Quarter Three:
Ø  January 9th-March 10th

This quarter, students will study Native American Artwork with a focus on stylized pattern in Native American textiles. They will learn about the process of making these useful works of art and how the materials available to the makers influenced what they created.

Project to be completed this quarter is Navajo Blanket project.

Quarter Four:
Ø  March 21st-May 26th

This quarter, students will learn about the artist Mary Cassat, her portraiture, and how she worked to pursue her dream of being an artist. They will also learn about the artist Edvard Munch and how he tried to communicate feelings through his Expressionist art work. Students will focus on the art elements of color and texture this quarter.

Projects to be completed this quarter are Mary Cassat Project and Munch’s Scream Project.